Meet our team

by Rasmus Nielsen,

In the previous post, we bid welcome to our new site, but now I think it's time to introduce the new team, and the faces behind all the new changes coming to our API and Partnerships.

Meet Nicolai and Rasmus

Let's meet the new team, shall we.


Hi - I'm Nicolai, the Partnership Manager here at Dinero. I started in our support department and worked my way into our product team. That wasn't quite the fit for me, and luckily I got a chance to move into the position of Partnership Manager last year.


I'm very interested in business and providing you, the partners, with the best possible experience when it comes to getting promoted on our channels. That being on our site, in our app or in our newsletter. And I can help you out a ton with this, and together we can find the best possible fit for you, and your application.

Aside from being (nearly) full time at Dinero, I'm also studying a masters degree on the side in "Management of Innovation and Business Development", which is giving me some great insights and very much in line with my interests, and my position here at Dinero.

I will always take my time to give you the best possible experience. Feel free to reach out, if you're interested in further business opportunities through Dinero.


Hi - I'm Rasmus, API Manager, and I'm also the author of this post and the creator of our new developer site here. I've been at Dinero for 5 years and have grown with the business. I started in our support department way back then, and worked part time, serving our users. Through this I've gained a lot of knowledge about accounting. So much so, that I was granted responsibility of our webinars and moved into a fulltime position. A few months ago, I was also given a new opportunity to work with our API.

Speaking of API - this is my main area of focus these days. Both Nicolai and myself are part of our business development, but we come from two very different standpoints. I have a focus on creating the best API possibly. Documenting it as well as possible, supporting it the best I can and of course helping develop it. And this is what I'll continue to do.


I can help you with the technical part, due to my own interest in the subject. I've learned a lot about programming over the past couple of years, as a hobby. And I have a great team of developers here at Dinero, who I can ask when things get too technical. But I haven't run into that situation often.

Also - due to my long experience from our support department and hosting our webinars, I'm able to assist you, when it comes to accounting. I can help with best practices, debit and credit and so on. Feel free to reach out.

I'm very much looking forward to the future of an even greater API experience in Dinero.

Our developer team

Aside from Nicolai and Rasmus, we have a great team of developers who maintain Dinero, build new functionality and expand on our endpoints. These are the backbone of our operation, and without them we wouldn't be worth much at all. There are to many to name, but they all do an amazing job, delivering the best possible product to both you, the API partners, and our users.

We're super excited about the future.

We're so ready, to deliver the best possible product to our API partners and our users a like. And we're so excited to have you with us on the journey.

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