List of terms

Client ID / Client ID

Will always start with 'isv_'. You can find your Client ID in Visma Connect. You'll use this in combination with your Client Secret to authenticate yourself.

FirmaID / Organization ID

A unique identifier for each company in Dinero.

Can be found in the bottom left once logged in, and is also a part of the URL, directly following

Købsbilag / Purchase voucher

Our own invention. Serves the same purpose as the ledger, but you can only book one item at a time and will be guided through picking the right account, using the correct VAT etc. Most of our users expect their expenses to be booked with this voucher type. Keep that in mind.

Once created or booked they can be found in Dinero under: Bogføring > Bilagsoversigt

Kassekladdelinje / Ledger item

The ledger is a classic booking tool, where you can add several lines for booking and book them all at once. Very useful if you need to create several postings in one call.

The ledger can be found under: Bogføring > Kassekladde

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