Send invoice link as SMS

Rasmus Nielsen,

The most recent update to our API has added the option to send invoice links via SMS through our API. A service you can now offer your customers if you use Dineros invoicing engine, at a cost for you.

What are the options?

You can send invoices to any danish phone number, as long as it is able to receive SMS. The endpoint is quite simple. You only need a voucherGuid, a name of the receiver, a phone number and a timestamp.

You can find the documentation here.

What is the cost?

Each SMS costs 1.00 DKK. This is our estimated cost per SMS and we'll forward this cost to you, as the provider of the service. This will be invoiced at the end of each quarter. If you do not pay your invoice, we will retract all your active scopes to our API and effectively shut you out. So before you start firing away, make sure you are aware of and have fully comprehended our terms of service here.

Have a nice day. :-)

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