Personal integration

Rasmus Nielsen,

A much requested feature is for us to bring back our old API-key authentication system for personal integrations, between a users own bookkeeping and some piece of software, either home build or external.

Our old system was deprecated though, and needed a thorough upgrade. We've done just that, and are ready to start issuing new clients!

Should I use the new system?

If you have a working and function integration already, there is no reason to switch over. It is only the authentication and authorization process that is different from OAuth2.0. Every request after that, using the access token granted from either system, works just the same.

But if you're new and want a simple solution, then you might want to head over and check out our updated documentation on how to get started with a personal integration.

One to many integrations

Now if you want to create an integration, that you'll market and sell, you are not to use the API-key system, it's only designed for personal use. If you wish to market an integration then you need to take a look at our getting started guide and get setup with the much more secure and user friendly OAuth2.0 system.

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