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Rasmus Nielsen,

We've been working hard at creating a new and improved developer experience for 2022. This means a complete overhaul of our team, our documentation and the way we share news. We have so many exciting news to share, which we'll reveal over the coming months.

We want to be the best

So the question you might be asking yourself right now, is why go through all this effort? It's simple. We want to be a place where new Fintech companies look. We want to be their first integration. We want to be at the forefront of API development, and our owners at Visma are 100% behind this strategy. The future is all connected. And we want to be ahead in this revolution.

A complete overhaul

We've added new faces to our team to help improve our API. We won't be adding a ton of new functionality at this point. It's all about making the current API more accessible. Making it easier. Less frustrating. More enjoyable. That is the goal, making it convenient. For developers and end users alike. Anyone, who is capable enough to create an application, should be able to integrate it to Dinero.

We need to ensure amazing experiences for the end user as well. A lot of our users aren't interested in accounting, and much less interested in being tech savvy. It just has to work.

API keys are history

The old way of integrating, through API keys is a matter of history in our eyes. We're still committed to supporting our old authorization system this year out, but we do consider the system deprecated and are no longer onboarding new partners to this system. We'll start communicating more about this very shortly and we're in the process of helping every single partner move to our new authorization system.

Why go through all this trouble though?

Because the user experience has to be great - and the user experience is amazing with Visma Connect and OAuth2.0.

Visma Connect and OAuth 2.0

Our owners at Visma have created the authorization system Visma Connect. It feels a lot like working with login with Google, or login with Facebook. It is the exact same principles that apply.

In actual terms, this means that all a user has to do, is press two buttons and they are connected. Instead of finding an API key, copying it, pasting and approving it.

We're moving away from manual processes with integrations, and so the process of actually integrating also has to be as smooth as possible.

user acceptance page during authentication

So much more

Over the coming days and months we'll slowly introduce a lot more. In the next post you can meet the new team, and the post after that you can read about our vision for 2022. We're splitting the responsibility in two. A technical part of how to integrate, including all new accounting support and on the other side a business perspective of how to get published, get customers and more through our platform.

But it all doesn't stop with 2022. We're going to keep working hard, at being the best partner out there for all who wants to integrate their application with Dinero. So let's get to it.

We're very excited about the future!

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