2022 - Year to date

Rasmus Nielsen,

It’s been a few months now, since we released our new developer site. So I thought it was time to check in, and give you an update on our progress and what we’re working on.

Visma Connect Demo

First of all, we’ve created a small Visma Connect demo, that will serve as an example of what the system is capable of. Check it out here, or on our Getting Started page.

It is meant to serve as a very basic demo, but will hopefully show how easy it is, not only to integrate for the end user, but also to build for the developer. This is just a local application, where we’ve used the public fuf.me to redirect us to localhost. You can find a list of similar redirect domains on GitHub. Just remember to use a self-served ssl-certificate to make sure you can use https, if you want to use a local development environment for testing.

Small update to our organization endpoint

We’ve also made a slight change to our organization endpoint. Previously, by default, it only returned the name of the organization. That wasn’t very useful, and you would always have to add a filter anyway.

This has been changed, so that it defaults to send name, ID and isPro. All important information to get across. The name will help the user identify the company and the ID is needed to interact with the API. To make any request to a company, it also needs to have a Pro-subscription, so this will hopefully mean better validation across the board for all integrations, since this is now sent by default.

Migration to connect

As was mentioned in our first posts here on our developer portal, we’ve started a major migration away from our old API-key authz system and deprecated the system. Every integration partner has now been informed through the contact information we have. If you haven't received the email, feel very free to reach out to us on api@dinero.dk. You are also welcome to just start integration through our updated documentation you’ll find on the documentation tab on this website.

When you create an application through our new authorization system, we’ll also get your updated contact information, at the same time.


In other news, our backlog is pretty stuffed here at Dinero. We’ve been working hard at some larger core features and infrastructure here in the beginning of 2022. And we’re moving further down this path over the coming months.

computer with code on screen

Next up we wish to add some functionality to our Assistant, which will improve the user experience, and will hopefully help our common users solve trivial tasks, and improve overall user satisfaction.

Also there is a new bookkeeping law being passed into effect and that will also take up some space, since this will be law. We’re not at all worried about not being done in time to obey the new legislation, but it is something that will take up resources.

New endpoints on our roadmap

And finally what does this mean for our API. Well the new bookkeeping law might introduce some changes and a couple of new functions, which we’ll obviously have to deal with.

We do have quite a few API-functionality requests on our backlog though, such as being able to upload files to invoices that can be mailed out, getting our reports through a simple endpoint and adding payments to credit purchase vouchers, just to name a few.

At this moment, they are not scheduled. But hopefully we’ll get at least one or two of them out during this year.

In the longer term, we’re pushing to move into a more API-first approach to development. We’re very excited about the future, and ready to give our public API some love.

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