Lots of updates!

Rasmus Nielsen,

We went into 2022 with a lot on the horizon regarding our API, a massive migration above all. The migration is done as a quality of life change, both for developers and consumers alike. Luckily it has been met with open arms, and excitement. Thank you for that, and we’re still on track.

But sometimes the small things are just as important as the big changes, on a day to day basis. These small things, that just make things flow better and more easily, and expand on what is already there.

So as promised before summer, let’s look into what has happened over the past few months.

Migration to Visma Connect

We’ve decided to call the 1st of october, to the 1st of november, a transition period. Which means brownouts will not happen until after the 1st of november. We’re still hoping to have every major integration (5+ users) migrated by the 1st of november.

We’re also brewing on an option for minor (1-1) integrations, so they can keep their server running in their backroom, and working. More on this later in the year, before we shut down API-key service entirely.

If you're in doubt about how to implement this, take a look at our very thorough setup guide.

Rate limit in effect

Due to some very heavy and unfair usage of our API - we’ve been forced to add a fixed rate limit. We experienced some very heavy usage especially in the morning hours, that would slow down our own application.

As we’ve grown, so has our API and now it has exceeded the stage, where we could just keep it wide open. Now you’ll be able to make 100 requests a minute pr. organization. If you exceed this limit, you’ll get a 429 status to indicate you’ve hit your limit. Then you can wait a minute and continue.

The 100 request a minute limit should not be seen as something to strive for. Most integrations should still maintain traffic far below this limit, and may be asked to optimize before this limit is reached.

We’ll always enforce optimized usage of our resources. Luckily for most integrations, this will have absolutely no impact, as we have a lot of very well optimized integrations in our system already.

Endpoints getting updated

With that out of the way, let’s continue and look into what we’ve added to our API regarding functionality.

New endpoint - Download files (Coming soon)

You’ve long been able to upload files to our system, but once they were up there, you had no way to retrieve them again.

This is changing now, and you’ll soon be able to download files you’ve uploaded. We’ll also add a list endpoint, so you can see which vouchers are there to pick up.

New endpoint - Add payments to purchases

Purchases have long been our preferred way of booking, yes, purchases. But if you bought something, with a credit, you would be able to book it as a purchase which will be paid on a later date, through our API.

But there was no way to add this payment, aside from using our ledger and adding it through there, which was quite counterintuitive. This has been revised, and adding a payment to a purchase voucher, will now have its very own endpoint.

our new endpoint to add payments to purchases with credit

Updated endpoint - Organizations

Organizations can now return some more data. In particular you now get access to the organization phone number - something that has been requested a few times. You also get access to the organization's address and attPerson. It’s just a more complete picture.

Hopefully this will help you out, when you need to know your customer. Now you can get the data from us, through fields, without asking your customer for it.

the organization endpoint can now return more data

Updated endpoint - Deposit account

A very requested feature was for the deposit account endpoint to expose the account number and registration number. And this is now exposed and can be reached with fields in the GET request.

Hopefully this will make it easier than ever to work with bank accounts across systems, now that the data is freely available.

What does the near future hold

The next steps on our agenda will be securing a smooth transition into Visma Connect OAuth 2.0 for all partners. This will be our focus for the rest of 2022.

If you have any questions or requests for changes, don’t hesitate to write to us at api@dinero.dk.

Have a great day!

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