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Start building your integration to Dineros RESTful API today, and gain access to a massive potential userbase of more than 70.000 active danish companies.

You can book invoices, expenses and everything in between, and fetch data like entries, contacts or products, and so much more...

You'll even be making your first requests in no time with our Postman collection, containing nearly every available endpoint.

It all connects easily and seamlessly, through Visma Connect using OAuth 2.0, bringing the user experience to the skies, while being well documented for developers.

Even though we would love to see revolutionary ideas come up that use our APIs, what you do with any API doesn't have to be revolutionary to be important. It simply has to make life — either that of someone using the software or affected by it in another way — a little bit better.

Christian Westlye Larsen | CTO @ Visma

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