Review & publish

Technical review

Now with everything in place, you're almost ready to go live. You can connect to the user, you can make requests and everything is in place.

But since our API is public, we need to ensure proper usage. This is where the technical review comes into the picture.

This is what needs to happen.

  1. You need to be ready to go live with your integration.
  2. Now go ahead and start sending requests. This should mimic normal usage as closely as possible. The time frame will vary based on your application, but it should give us a picture of regular usage.
  3. A very important aspect is handling errors. You need to be able to handle 400, 401 and 403 statuses on your end. If you run into consecutive errors, the integration should be terminated.
  4. Then you'll contact us on Here you need to include:
    • Client ID
    • Time frame you made the requests

After that we'll either give you the 👍 or 👎. We'll include some feedback incase there are some inefficient usage that needs to be improved.

Once you get the approval you're ready to be published on our integration site and can start onboarding customers! 🎉

What do I need to do to get published?

You need to send your logo, website, description, e-mail and everything else to us. It must be done by using the form, found on the button below.

Getting published form

We'll usually respond within a few working days. If you need inspiration, you can look at some of our current integrations.

Need something extra?

We're always happy to help you, if you have any questions. Please take a look at our contact page for more information regarding support and partnerships.

Could we improve these docs or do you have any questions? Please write us at