In need of help?

We can help with a lot of things. Everything from commercial questions, to technical support regarding the API and Visma Connect and even accounting specific questions.

You are free to write us in either danish or english, as per your preference. 👍

Where do I go for technical and accounting help?

The best first line support, is trying to write Here you'll most likely get a hold of Rasmus. (The author of this documentation and our API manager).

For technical questions, and for the quickest possible solution, please include:

  • Your Client ID
  • The Organization ID you send the request to
  • The time of your request

But for you own sake, please look through the entire documentation before you do so. Most questions can be answered by our documentation and you'll usually be on your way quicker. If you cannot find the answer though, then feel free to reach out.

We'll usually answer the same day if you write us before 15.00! 👨‍💻

Commercial and partnership contact

If you're interested in a closer commercial partnership, we have a lot more to offer. In that case you're very welcome to write Philip, our partnership manager, at

Could we improve these docs or do you have any questions? Please write us at