Test company

This is the fun part!

So after you're done with the Getting started section, you have a Visma Connect application, you've applied for the read and/or write scopes to Dineros API and you're ready to make your first request.

We need a test account

First of all we'll need an account in Dinero if you don't have one already. So lets head to dinero.dk and get an account setup.

On the frontpage you can easily create a free account. Go through the introductory flow, and you'll be setup with a test account. The name of the company can be that of your own company, or you can make up a name if you prefer. (such as "My Company API Test").

Every company in Dinero starts with 30 days of Pro access, which is needed for integrations, and which you can freely use for testing purposes.

If you send your Client ID and organization ID and a short description of your integration to us(api@dinero.dk), then we'll grant that organization Pro for API testing purposes.

The free Pro license is only given to one-to-many integrations that need a test environment. If you're creating an integration for yourself, then you have to buy a Pro license yourself or make use of the 30 day trials. You can always create an extra test company, with another free 30 day testing period, if you need an extension.

Now we're ready to make our first requests to our test company, and we'll use Postman in our tutorial, which you'll find in the next part. You can either try along with the tutorial or just read through it. Whichever suits you best.

You're free to go on your own now

If you don't want to use our Postman tutorial or want to go your own way at this point with another testing environment then you're welcome.

We have a great Postman collection though, which will get you started in a good way, and we'll show you some good practices along the way.

Could we improve these docs or do you have any questions? Please write us at api@dinero.dk